Mary Baldwin College Students

Last week it was great to have Irene Sarnelle and her students from Mary Baldwin College visit.  We always look forward to them dancing with us.  The young ladies brought their enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge of dance to brighten the evening.  They easily picked up the dances we taught. Every student danced almost every dance.

Also a credit to Irene’s teaching,  she was taking her students to visit a local second grade class to teach them some dances.  Just as I say, “Share the joy, dance with a child!!”

Tom Masterson from Boulder, CO visited and taught a few dances.
Levan Polkka – performed here by a Finish Group which reintroduced it
but made a hit by Japanese Anime
Some one demonstrating the whole dance
For the “Rest of the Story” see

Tom also taught Ana Visa, for which I couldn’t find information. I did video Tom teaching the dance.

He also introduced Goralski from Poland.  Below are some notes on the dance.

Just Remember, “Another Day, Another Dance!”
Share the Joy, dance with a child!
Happy Dancing!


1 thought on “Mary Baldwin College Students

  1. my Sunday night group does Ievan Polka, it's one of their favorite dances. We do it in couples and dance it to version #1. Thought the song was weird at first but then it grew on me and I actually got to like it.


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