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Al Sedenu, Jocul Soacrei, Zensko Oro ze Raka

In January, Bill taught Jocul Soacrei that he leaarned from Christian and Sonia.

Susan O. taught Al Sedenu from Israel
I couldn’t find a video of it.  Anyone out there find one?

There is an interesting little story that someone made up incorporating the names of some of the dances,

Zensko Oro ze Raka
 the way Sue taught it.
but according to

This is made up, not real. To see how it is really danced at weddings – the men all dance, with towel-gifts (tenki darove) from the bride’s family placed on their shoulders. Type after the youtube part watch?v=KxX6-h20CFQ or search “bir baskadir makedon” or “mareseska”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33zsRETvut4 This is the link to the above mentioned video.
@vasili33 sorry, search with Turkish characters: “bir baskadır makedon düğünü”

Another Day, Another Dance!

How many Children have you danced with recently?  Pass on the Fun!
Happy Dancing