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“Brigadoon Revisited!”

First day back to work after a great weekend at folk dance camp. Buffalo on the Danube to be exact in West Virginia. Dance ’til you Drop! That’s my motto. It’s pretty bad when the teacher falls asleep in her own class! In my own defense, today was a day I had to sit and listen to 85 students say the same stanza of a song through out the day! Usually, I’m circulating and pacing the room all day. About 1:30 after lunch, in a hot room, sitting, listening to the same thing I’ve heard over and over all day — I challenge anyone who has been dancing from 9 AM to 1:30 AM the next day, for the 3 days, to do better! I’m surprised that I made it that long, because I was fighting it all day! What makes it even funnier is that it happened to a student who always asks me how my day is going! He didn’t have to ask-he found out as he was reciting. So that’s the buzz around school now– how I fell asleep in class!

The ” Brigadoon Experience”, the “magic” one feels when you can lose one self and find another
for a brief time. This year it even seemed as if I was crossing an unseen line into a different dimension as I entered camp! (I have a pretty good imagination!)

It was great to see Sonia and Christian; as always their sessions were fun and easy to follow. It was really cute how they kissed at the end of each dance session, just like newly weds should!

I had a harder time with the Bulgarian sessions. The beat of the music was harder to find and keep time to. Larry Weiner gave very interesting information about the dances and the areas in Bulgaria where they were from.

And last but not least Roo and Larry teaching Scandinavian Dancing. They are always so patient! Partner dances are always a challenge. Being short, it is hard for me to get the feeling of being “grounded”. Obviously I’m not doing something right. Try, try, again!

It was great having live music to dance to. Kabile was fantastic as usual as were all of the other musicians.

And now all that is left are the memories of the people, the singing, the music, and last but not least the dancing! It was great to see a few more young people there this time. Everything comes to an end. At least we don’t have to wait for 100 years for another camp: just follow the link below to find out more information.

Thank you again to Betsy and Jamie Platt for organizing and running the camp. Try it out next year: contact http://www.dancingplanetproductions.com/ . If you can’ make it to this camp there are others like Maine Woods http://www.mainewoodsdancecamp.org/ , Stockton http://www.folkdancecamp.org/ , Mendicino http://www.mendocinofolklorecamp.com/ , New Mexico www.swifdi.org , or others closer to you.

Another Day, Another Dance!