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Paraliakos and Kune

June has really been a busy month, I can’t believe it is almost over!

 We were able to attend the workshops of Iliana Bozhanova in Green Belt and Lancanster PA. The dances she taught were Shirokolashko Horo, Trakushka Ruchenitsa, Choban Georgi, Dona, Irimenche, and Dzhahguritsa(Djanguritsa). A great time was had by all!

This month Susan O. taught Cocek from Macedonia.
The above link to a Dunav rendition is a Cocek similar to what we do.
She also taught Dobrudzanski Buenek  from Bulgaria a dance she learned from Yves Moreau. I was not able to find a video of anyone doing or teaching the dance.

Lindy taught Paraliakos from Greece as introduced by Lee Otterholt.  Below is a link to him teaching it.
Kune is another dance Lindy started teaching tonight. She taught it as Iliana Bozhanova does it see the link below.

If you haven’t seen the June’s installment of the TV  Program  “Another Day, Another Dance”, Stream it live at 1:00 PM on Saturday, June 29
Hear Jay’s interview and see Susan O. teaching “Do Mar Ciften”.

Happy Dancing and Dance with a child whenever you get the chance!
“Another Day, Another Dance”


Jove Male Mome, Sadi Moma, Do Mar Ciften

It is hard to believe that November is almost over! 16 of my students and I did the demonstration/performance for the Rockfish Elementary School and it went very well.

We had 2 assemblies with the cafeteria full of students. My students performed Cimpoi. After performing my students went among the elementary students and I taught a Ugros(from Phyllis Weikart’s book), Adjon Az Isten, and Zemer Atik. Fun was had by all!

On our regular Wednesday dance night we have been learning Jove Male Mome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjCDcU1pO44
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thKw3n_3Jvc as you can see, Dunav spells and pronounces Malaj which is different from the US spelling and pronunciation.

Sadi Moma is another dance we learned last month. I couldn’t find a video of the dance on line, but Yves Moreau has it in his collection. Here is the song being performed.

Do mar ciften is the “mystery dance”! On line I can find some songs– not the one to which we dance. http://www.tubehome.com/watch/do-mar-çiften-do-dal-për-gjah
http://www.tubehome.com/watch/laver-bariu-do-marr-çiften As you notice marr has 2 “r’s” in this name.

Here are the lyrics in Albanian!

Do mar çiften do dal për gjah.
Kjo është kënga origjinale e kënduar nga Grupi i Përmetit.
Me gjithë riprodhimet dhe modernizimit që i është bërë kësaj kënge, kjo përsëri mbetet kënga Flamur!

All I know is that some part of the above means “Take the gun”. This is one of my favorite dances.

Have a great time dancing!

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Another Day, Another Dance!