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Happy Mother’s Day and New Show

I hope all the mothers out there had a great day!  It was a beautiful day here.
I remember my Mom dancing the polka at weddings!  She would always listen to the Polka Party on the radio on Saturday and Sunday.  It is always fun to listen and dance to polka music.

This month Bill has been teaching Siri, Siri from Macedonia and Koljovo Horo from Bulgaria.

Bill is also featured on our TV show on Charlottesville Public Access TV channel 13 Another Day, Another Dance teaching Gorache, a version we learned from Steve Kotansky.  If you can’t get the program on your television, you can steam it live from the CPATV-13 website.
Tuesdays 2:30
Wednesdays 5:00
Saturdays 1:00

Another Day, Another Dance!
Happy Dancing


Learning Gerakina, Gorache and Hora Schioapa and update on Sadi Moma

Last week Sue continued teaching Gerakina from Greece. At last search there is not a video available on the internet. Bill continued teaching the challenging  but fun dance Gorache from Albania.  We  learned the dance from Steve Kotansky. Below is a video of the  Kolokoalition doing the dance.


The steps are the same but the number of times we do the steps are different.

Bill also reviewed Hora Schioapa from Moldova, Romania.  The notes are :

I couldn’t find a video of the dance as we learned it from Sonia and Cristian.  It is on their Romanian Realm DVD-special edition.  It is a fairly easy dance with lively music. Usually the whole group gets up and dances to this dance.

Also, thank you to Sally who found this video of Sadi Moma!



The teaching and review of dances are video recorded every week.

Our dance list is provided at:

Until next time… Please forward this Blog to anyone who might be interested!
Another Day, Another Dance,
Happy Dancing!