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Paraliakos and Kune

June has really been a busy month, I can’t believe it is almost over!

 We were able to attend the workshops of Iliana Bozhanova in Green Belt and Lancanster PA. The dances she taught were Shirokolashko Horo, Trakushka Ruchenitsa, Choban Georgi, Dona, Irimenche, and Dzhahguritsa(Djanguritsa). A great time was had by all!

This month Susan O. taught Cocek from Macedonia.
The above link to a Dunav rendition is a Cocek similar to what we do.
She also taught Dobrudzanski Buenek  from Bulgaria a dance she learned from Yves Moreau. I was not able to find a video of anyone doing or teaching the dance.

Lindy taught Paraliakos from Greece as introduced by Lee Otterholt.  Below is a link to him teaching it.
Kune is another dance Lindy started teaching tonight. She taught it as Iliana Bozhanova does it see the link below.

If you haven’t seen the June’s installment of the TV  Program  “Another Day, Another Dance”, Stream it live at 1:00 PM on Saturday, June 29
Hear Jay’s interview and see Susan O. teaching “Do Mar Ciften”.

Happy Dancing and Dance with a child whenever you get the chance!
“Another Day, Another Dance”


Mountain Playshop 2012

Hi, All,

Just wanted to say a few words about the Mountain Play Shop in North Carolina.

This was our first time attending and we were happy that we did.

Lee Otterholt was the teacher. He is an outstanding teacher!
Below are a list of the dances that  he taught.

Intermediate – Advanced
1 Pusta mladost                (Bulgaria – Macedonian region)
2 Syrtos kitrinou                (Greece)
3 Svatba                           (Bulgaria)
4 Kali tihi                          (Greece)

1 E Shukar Romnji            (Hungarian Rom)
2 C’est une jeunne Mariee  (Quebec)
3. Flor amorosa                (Brazil)

           4.Circular                       (Brazil)

The request dancing was nothing short of amazing!. So many talented and beautiful dancers doing a lot of the
old favorites!

Also, some very interesting dancers consented to interviews.  Every one has a story and I love hearing them!

Please support Mountain Play Shop and all the dance weekends around the country.

Please forward this blog to anyone who might be interested!

Keep on dancing!
Dance with a child every time you get a chance!
Another Day, Another Dance!