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Timber Ridge and beyond

Another great year at the Labor Day Camp at Timber Ridge. Dance, sing and play ’til you drop!!
Go to http://www.dancingplanetproductions.com/dancecamp.htm to see what you missed!

A big THANK YOU to Betsy and Jamie Platt!

I was able to start the third part of the BIRD Project, which is interviewing folk dancers about their experiences folk dancing. Thank you to all that participated.

Susan O. is teaching Pembe a Macedonian dance. The one on Youtube is near to the one that we dance.
There is also a Serbian dance of the same name but different music.

Please forward this blog to your dancing friends!
Happy Dancing!
Another Day, Another Dance


Cije e Ona Mome

Susan O. taught Cije e Ona Mome a Macedonian Dance last week. We didn’t dance this week due to the weather!

Over the week end the 4-H group, Global Explorers, did a demostration at the annual “Share the Fun” talent event. They did a great job! It really is easier partnering with an established group. I don’t have to do it all! We just show up, practice and perform!

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Happy Dancing!
Another Day, Another Dance!