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Happy Latin American Independence Month!

In celebration of Latin American Independence, I told my students that they could bring in food for extra credit. In the classes that remembered to bring food, we also danced. What’s a celebration without dancing????!!!!! Well, in one of my more challenging classes we only got through half of La Raspa!-with a vow never to try to dance with this class again. Yes, that’s how challenging they are! But, what do you know, they came into class telling me how they had been “practicing” the dance during volley ball practice and singing the Spanish song that they have been learning!!!!! You just have to love them! Once I’ve recovered, maybe around Christmas we’ll try another dance!????????????

At our regular meeting this week there was a lot of review of previous dances taught. The only Ouvre Moi that I could find was a modern version that didn’t sound anything like the music to which we dance.
Susan O. taught Stranzanski Burenek from Bulgaria but I couldn’t find any on the internet. Dick Oates has a dance description of Strandzansko Horo.

Have a great week dancing!
Another Day, Another Dance


Karamfil, Ya Abud, Ivanice

Last Wednesday Susan O. taught Karamfil from Bulgaria
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4YRkcuABX4 and

Here is Ya Abud close to the way we do it. Bill is having fun with his drum playing along.

Sue C. also reviewed Ivanice(a?)

Susan O also taught Ouvre Moi and Neda Voda Nalirala, but I can’t find them on the web.

We had a great time at the party. Even in 101 degree weather there was a great turn out of 16 people! We ate great food, listened to the Unforgettables that aren’t so unforgettable! Some of us even got a dip or two in the pool, and of course we can’t forget the dancing on the lawn after it “cooled” a little.

This gave us some time to get to talk, since we go from dance to dance talking gives way to dancing!

Another Day, Another Dance