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Incalcita, Hora din Campie

We had an afternoon of intermediate dancing this past Sunday.

Bill taught Incalcita, which means confusing or unclear, a dance from Bessarabia, The Republic of Moldova. Below is a link to the dance notes and a video.  We do it the same way they do it on the video.



Lindy taught Hora din Campie from Romania.  Below are notes from the Evansville group.


We do the dance the same as the following video.


Definitely, if you want a workout Incalcita is the dance for you. Follow it with Hora din Campie for a nice cool down!.

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Another Day, Another Dance,

Happy Dancing!



Learning Gerakina, Gorache and Hora Schioapa and update on Sadi Moma

Last week Sue continued teaching Gerakina from Greece. At last search there is not a video available on the internet. Bill continued teaching the challenging  but fun dance Gorache from Albania.  We  learned the dance from Steve Kotansky. Below is a video of the  Kolokoalition doing the dance.


The steps are the same but the number of times we do the steps are different.

Bill also reviewed Hora Schioapa from Moldova, Romania.  The notes are :

I couldn’t find a video of the dance as we learned it from Sonia and Cristian.  It is on their Romanian Realm DVD-special edition.  It is a fairly easy dance with lively music. Usually the whole group gets up and dances to this dance.

Also, thank you to Sally who found this video of Sadi Moma!



The teaching and review of dances are video recorded every week.

Our dance list is provided at:

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Happy Dancing!

Knoxville Workshop with Mihai David

The Knoxville Mihai David workshop was fantastic! Mihai is a great teacher and a very entertaining personality. If you get the chance to take one of his workshops don’t hesitate. It was well worth the 7 hour drive to get to Knoxville!

Another dance tidbit for those not in the know. Opincuta( which Sue C. taught previously) means “little shoe” in Romanian. Opinca( the dance that Sue C. is teaching) means regular sized shoe.

Mihai gave permision for anyone who wanted to video the workshop. I have 2 DVDs if anyone is interested please email me @ birdproject2010@gmail.com or comment to this blog. The cost is the cost of the DVDs plus shipping and handeling. Below are the dances that he taught:

1 Hora de la Putna (Moldova)
2 Hora din Neruja
3 Arcanul de la Fundul Moldove
4 Hora Ploii
5 La Mahala
6 Hora din Banat
7 Cadineasca
8 DamuL
9 Hora Dreapta
10 Sirba Fetelor
11 Atica
12 Tarina de la Abrud
13 Briul pe Opt
14 Gaselnitsa

Please forward this blog to all that you think will be interested!

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Thank you again to Susan J. for this week’s folk dance “tidbit”. Sue C.introduced us to the dance, Opinca. Cool! A good dance, so thanks to Sue for the good pick. We considered how to do the arm-swinging. I think the following video may gave some guidance: this is a YouTube video of Opinca being done by members of Kolo Koalition. This is the long-established recreational folk-dancing group in Sacramento, and has a number of experienced dancers, so that I would guess that their version of the arm-swinging is correct. (Also, I think that Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu, who introduced Opinca, have taught in that part of California, so)again I think that what one sees in the video is probably the correct way to do this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBS9lu_WkEo Also: Romanian dances are often characterized by strigaturi, which are phrases shouted out during the dance that are in cadence with the steps of the dance: http://www.eliznik.org.uk/RomaniaMusic/strigaturi.htm In Opinca, there is 1 strigaturi that is called out in 2 places. You can hear it, but somewhat faintly, on the video. I have heard this called out in person, and it sounds something like “Opishaw”. This is a “choreographed” part of the dance, so it would make sense to add this in. I have e-mailed Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu and asked that they provide the spelling, so as to make sure we get the correct pronunciation. Not all Romanian dances have these. However, the dances that have any strigaturi at all usually have these in multiple places throughout the dance. This makes Opinca is a bit unusual, in that the strigaturi is limited to one 3-syllable word, called out only twice. Here is a YouTube video of the dance Calusari, and here the strigaturi are a prominent part of the dance. This may be a bit more typical of Romanian dances that have strigaturi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndxoye0vEfg&feature=related Keep on Dancing! Another Day, Another Dance! Please share this blog with all of your dancing friends.

Learning the Names of the Dances

Welcome Erin! a new addition to the group and welcome back Virginia! It’s always great to see new faces and old friends.

What’s the name of the dance that goes like this?(Person then does a few steps, maybe hums a few bars, or waves arms in a meaningful way, or all of the above) Has this question ever come up in your dance circle?

How can one request a dance if they don’t know the name? This was a topic of discussion at our last meeting. The only way a person learns a new language is repetition. The teachers need to have the people learning the dance repeat it several times during the teaching of the dance. Also, if it is written down, repeat the name while showing the spelling. It also helps to break the name of the dance down by syllables if the name is very long. This sounds a little elementary; but it is the best way to help newcomers(and us seasoned vets) remember the names of the dances.

The dances taught were: Hora Mare, Romanian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX8SZzcJd6o this video is the way it was taught last night, but I have also danced it similar to the following video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sA_2fiJ6LsY&feature=related

Hora Batraneasc, Romanian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o77NPEx7afA&feature=email
and Oh! a novelty dance from the USA. I couldn’t find a video or music for this one.
Did you know that there is a town(city) called Novelty? There is at least one in Ohio!

Well keep on dancing!
Another Day, Another Dance!

Long time no write

It’s been a while since I wrote, but now I’m back! Sue Chase taught Opincuta from Romania,
I’m having trouble finding it online. I will post it as soon as I find it. I am also looking for the
DVD I purchased from Christian and Sonia about two years ago. My house is in disarray, that is one reason I haven’t blogged recently and why the DVD is hiding!

We’ve been doing Mori Shej with Jay leading since we learned it at Makemie Woods,but Susan Oberman actually taught it this week. It is a great Hungarian- Rom tune. In fact the tune was in my head for a whole weekend a couple of weeks ago!

I am continuing “cleaning up” the videos that I took of Susan O. and hope to get Vlashko(long version) on before next Wednesday!

Continue the dance!
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