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Welcome to our New Home!

A New Year and a New Look!

This year you will be able to watch some of the interviews that have aired on the TV Program, view some of the dances taught, and give your input into the project! This is a work in progress, so please be patient! Thank you to Nyssa for your time and hard work.

Check out The Alien Diaries http://katleyplanetbg.blogspot.com/ .  There is a lot of information about folk dancing.  If you haven’t danced in the New Year, dance the New Year Dance as seen on the site!

Listen now to Yehuda ben-harush, in Radio harokdim,
He hosts live podcasts Thursday mornings at 6:00 AM EST , one hour of dances from all over the world.

I hope to hear from you this year!

Share the Joy! Dance with a Child!

Another Day, Another Dance!

Happy Dancing!