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Bulgarika and TV Show

Just got home from dancing with the Bulgarian group named Bulgarika. The Bulgarian community of Richmond, VA sponsored the event.  It was a great event!

A few of you are interested in the TV program that we produce.  Another Day, Another Dance can be viewed on line at
http://cpatv.org/   1:00 PM Saturdays, 2:30 PM Tuesdays, 5:00 PM Wednesdays.

Click the little TV in the upper Right Corner of the computer screen at the above times and you can view the program.  The same program runs all month.

It was great seeing and dancing with everyone!

Another Day, Another Dance,
Happy Dancing!


New Television Show

There has been a lot happening since the end of January!

Our group did a performance at the McGuffey Arts Center for the First Friday happening in March and had a warm reception.
The dances we did were:
Setnja, Garoon, Garoon, Sestorka, Karagouna, Gorache, Sitna Zborenka, Syrtos Kitrinou, Debka Oud,
Milirlou, Rustemul, Dobro Ljo

Since then we have seen some new faces at our weekly dances.
Also,there was a “History Night” at our school and the 7th graders did the Troika, For A Birthday, and D’Hammerschmiedg’selln.  They did a great job and had a lot of fun.

We are also producing a television show for Charlottesville Public Access TV – Channel 13
 The show airs Tuesdays at 2:30, Wednesdays at 5:00 and Saturdays at 1:00 DST.  The same show is played all month at those times.  The last March show will be this Saturday at 1:00.  You can stream it live on your computer from anywhere if you have internet access.
The first show was Susan O.’s interview and her teaching ” An Dro Retourne”.
April’s show features Sue C.’s interview and her teaching a dance she choreographed to Balkanize’s “Zarad tebe, Mome Mori”

Until next time!
Dance with a child whenever you can, and remember-
Another Day, Another Dance!
Happy Dancing

Dancing in Houston, TX

Hi, All,

Bill was able to dance with the Houston International Folk Dance Group last week  He attended the Monday evening beginner class and Request dancing on Friday. He had a great time both nights.

Below is a link to an article a Rice University student wrote about her recent experience with the Houston Folkdancers.


It would be nice to see some more college students at our group!

Have a great week! Keep on dancing!

Have you danced with a child recently?

Another Day, Another Dance!

Update on Ooska Gookas

Thank you to Sally for bringing my attention to alternative spellings!

The other spellings for Ooska Gookas  as follows:
Uska Gukas
Hooshig Mooshig

The song:

Under the spelling of Uske Gugas:
This dance is done to the same music as we play but our group does it differently.

If you have any information to help in clarifying any of the topics covered in the blog, please let us know!  We appreciate all of your help!

Until next time…Please forward this Blog to anyone who might be interested!
Happy Dancing!
Another Day, Another Dance,

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, but no time like the present to start again.  There has been a lot dance wise that I’ve participated in, but just haven’t had time to blog about.  The big event was the wedding our our oldest daughter.

The groom requested Hava Nagila to be done at the reception, so after the rehearsal dinner we had a practice with the bridal party and any others who were interested in learning some of the “other” dances.  The bride and groom taught everyone the Hustle.  The folkdances we did were: Hava Nagila, Adjon Az Isten,the Virginia Reel, the Hustle, the Electric Slide.  It was great fun after the rehearsal dinner and at the reception.

Now that the wedding is over, I’ll make more time to blog.

Keep on Dancing!

Another Day, Another Dance


Thank you to Bill for the following “Dance Tidbit” information.

The dance we tried out on Wednesday, 8/10/2011 was called Sighanon. It comes from the Pontos region which is now part of present day Turkey, the southern coast of the Black Sea.

“40 Red Apples”

The actual name of the song that we danced Sighanon to, is “Seranda mila kokina” or “Saranta Mila kokkina” which translates to “40 Red Apples”.

We learned this in the village of Prochoma in Northern Greece which is populated mainly by refugees from Pontos and Kars. Kars is a present day city in Turkey.

Greek Genocide

The refugees were from the Greek Genocide carried out by the Turks during the years of 1914 to 1923 when the worlds attention at the time was focused on the aftermath of WW I. Explains the sometimes derogatory references to Turks in some of the lyrics of other Greek dances.


I don’t at present have a video link to the dance Sighanon but do have some links to performances of “Saranta Mila kokkina”, “40 Red Apples”.

Modern Acoustic Session. Recorded 16.10.2006 live at at Octalogic Studio (GER)


Very dated ( 60’s ??) black & white movie with people singing to lone bagpipe version of the song. They appear to be drinking Ouzo.


Some lyrics from “Saranta Mila kokkina”

saranta mila kokkina pouli m’

saranta mila kokkina giavri m’

s’ ena mantil demena

s’ ena mantil demena

saranta sevtas ki’ an eftas pouli m’

saranta sevtas ki’ an eftas giavri m’

k’ evrik’s ki amon emena

k’ evrik’s ki amon emena

gia ela ela pouli m’

me temen ela giavri m’

This is a ‘latin alphabet’ based version of Greek words.

Ciuleandra “Tidbit”

This week and in the future Susan J. will be contributing Folk Dance “Tidbits”.

Take a listen to Ciuleandra:

This is performed by a Romanian singer, Maria Tanase, who lived decades ago. She specialized in folkloric material, and was very popular in Romania. I’m never sure how good a source Wikipedia is, but here is their article on her:

Here is another:

Lastly, here is an haunting tune she did. This is from Romania, but I believe it is a Rom (Gypsy) tune, rather than a Romanian one. (There is a very nice dance to this, but while I learned it once a while back, it didn’t stick enough for me to reach this.)

And that is your folk-dance tidbit.

Susan J

Keep on Dancing and pass this site to your friends!

Another Day, Another Dance!

Starting a 4-H Folk Dance Club for 4th – 12 grades

Yesterday we had our first meeting of “Global Explorers”. It is a club designed to teach culture, language, and dances of different cultures. We select a country to study and learn a little of the language, history, customs and dances of that country. Germany was an easy first selection due to the time of year(Octoberfest) and my neighbor is German so she is teaching the culture and language.

Previously I had club with the age group K-6th grade and did something similar. This time I decide to team with 4-H because of the resources and insurance that they can offer. I am designing the program as 4-H does not have a set curriculum for an International club.

I must say I had misgivings at first. I just didn’t know if I would have the energy after teaching all day. My worries went away quickly as their enthusiasm and energy spread to me! My batteries were recharged after teaching the class. Yes, it will be possible to meet every week and not get depleted, but energized!

If you love folk dancing, please share your love and enthusiasm with the next generation. It is easiest to do it with an already established club such as 4-H, boys and girls clubs, scouts. The more they are exposed, the more they are likely they are to continue. It is great fun and they really like it!

Please pass this post on to whomever you think might be interested!

Another Day, Another Dance

Dancing at Mary Baldwin

A few weeks ago I asked ” Where have all the young dancers gone? Well, I found some at Mary Baldwin College!

Irene Sarnelle from Mary Baldwin invited us to come and folk dance with them. So,last night a few of us went and had a great time! We had a group of about 20 dancers from various backgrounds. The energy and enthusiasm of the students were refreshing and inspiring. Susan O. taught dances such as Chilili from Bolivia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cPeof5a5qg&feature=related , Ve David http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPKfUAvNW8w and Shibolet Basadeh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQSvl0uvs1U&feature=related, Lerikos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq4TvhMf1Yg a Greek dance, Adjon Az Isten a Hungarian dance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ruk3ODa8-gQ and many more. The song to Adjon Az Isten is different from the one we dance to, but it is a very upbeat version!

I just wish we could have as varied a group more often – just like in a village!

Another Day, Another Dance