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Folk Dance At Piedmont Virginia Community College

Last Wednesday I attended the PVCC Dance Club’s monthly meeting and introduced them to several folk dances. The dances we did were For a Birthday, the Troika, Hava Nagila,  Adjon  az Isten, Setnja, Zemer Atik, and Miserlou!  We had a great time! It is always great to dance with college students.

At our last meeting Sue C taught the Bulgarian dance Pravo Cepelarsko Horo

 and Turkish Debka.

Have you danced with a child recently?
Another Day, Another Dance,
Happy Dancing!


Happy Rosh Hashanah and Macedonian Independence Day

We had two new visitors and dancers tonight.
Welcome Pam and John!
The dances that were taught Tonight were :
The Macedonian version of Neda Voda Nalivala of which I couldn’t find any matches to on the web. It is a women’s circle dance.
Kortanc(Vorba Harrangaznak) a Hungarian dance
Jacob’s Ladder an Israeli dance. The dance below is choreographed to the music that we dance to and has elements of the dance we do, but for beginners it may be confusing.
Zemer Atik an Israeli dance which is derived from Ningun Atik. The pdf file explains it and gives history and the dancers in the video do it the same way we do except they don’t snap fingers.

Morningside Demonstration – Wheel chair dancing

The Charlottesville International Folk Dancers were invited to do a demonstration at Morningside Retirement Home on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010. The facility had an International Theme for their monthly family dinner. They were a very receptive and appreciative audience. I only regret that I “asked” them to do a dance with us instead of just telling them that part of the “program” was audience participation. I lost my nerve because I hadn’t done it before.

Zemer Atik is a perfect dance that can be adapted to wheelchair dancing. The first time I saw wheel chair dancing was in Ohio performing with Zivili in an outdoor festival. If anyone out there has some other ideas about dances to include in demonstrations with people who cannot fully participate, please reply to this post or email me at birdproject2010@gmail.com .

Of course, had I tried to do it on Thursday, I would have been “Flying by the seat of my pants”, because I had only thought of the idea a couple of hours earlier. Now, I have more time to plan the specifics. Once I fully think it through, I will post the plans.

Another Day, Another Dance!